Vaping E-Cigarettes to Get Away from Analog Smoking

When I was young, a few of my family smoked. I remember my mom taking me aside, and blowing smoke through a white dishtowel. You could see the brown stain after that little bit of smoke. That was the first time I saw the results of smoking. Oh, I heard the hacking coughs from my uncle, but that was first visual experience I had about what might happen. I smoked a bit after that but never took up the habit. For that, I’m grateful. For some of you, that isn’t the case. You’ve had this habit for years. Now you know the score and you want to quit. You are not sure which way to go or what method to use.

For many former smokers or those who want to cut back, e-cigarettes are the way to go.

E-cigarettes are devices t hat enable you to have the smoking experience without the tar, hydrogen cyanide, and other ingredients that befall smokers. An e-cigarette consists of a battery, a vaporizer, a container for the liquid to be vaporized and sometimes an added filter. YOU fill the container with a liquid made from nicotine, sometimes water, and a flavoring of some kind in various mixtures. The act of e-smoking gives you the throat hit that you would get from smoking cigarettes. You breathe out water vapor so it is not harmful to you or others around you. They call the process “vaping.”

The new name for cigarette smokers is “analog smokers.” It is an easy way to differentiate between those who smoke cigarettes and those who use e-cigarettes.
How do you use vaping e-cigarettes to get away from analog smoking?

First, you will find doctors who will tell you that you should use electronic cigarettes in place of analog smoking because of the immediate benefit. Once you start using e-cigarettes in place of analog cigarettes, you stop the tar and about 3o other carcinogens that you get from smoking. That makes your doctor very happy. They can see the long-term benefits as well. Your blood pressure will go down immediately. Your risk for associated disease will be far less over the extended period.

If you replace analog smoking with e-cigarettes, you are still involved in your habit without the damaging yourself. You can easily do that and not suffer the downside of “cold turkey.” You can do it for far less than cigarettes, and the habit of e-cigarettes is far easier to give up than the habit of analog smoking. In fact, that is the idea. You can gradually wean yourself off e-cigarettes because you can adjust the amount of nicotine that you are getting until you are getting hardly any at all. You can play with the ingredients so that you get the flavoring you want. You don’t have to worry about what others think around you becaue with water vapor, you are not sending second-hand smoke into the air. You don’t smell like your cigarettes. Your clothes smell better.

All these things will encourage you to consider giving up analog smoking in favor of vaping.

Cascadia Vape is an independent vape and cbd e-liquid online retailer. We’re one of the first to market specifically to smokers of tobacco and cannabis from a harm reduction perspective. Due to regulatory changes we’re in the process of phasing out our e-cigs in favor of CBD e-liquids, tinctures, oils, edibles and other supplements.

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