What’s the Difference Between PG and VG Liquids?

Most of us know that smoking is bad for your health. My goodness, some states even ban smoking in public establishments. Some even ban smoking in the whole town. T he reason for this overboard restriction on smoking is the large amount of data on the effects of smoking. It causes lung cancer, emphysema, heart problems and can restrict circulation enough that you lose feeling in your fingers. You often smell like an ashtray and you are restricted to smoking areas only. Some of your friends avoid you and taste the cigarette when you kiss.

Many companies provide a way of quitting smoking. They range from pills, to patches, to acupuncture techniques. One such technique has you clamping a small device to your ear to press on a point there.

One very effective way to quite smoking is the e-cigarette. These devices are an electronic cigarette. They consist of a battery unit, an atomizer unit, and an cartridge.

You screw the atomizer onto the battery. That is where you get your power. The other end of the atomizer is pushed into the cartridge. That cartridge contains the “e-liquid.” This compound is composed of a liquid nicotine. The battery allows the atomizer to vaporize the e-liquid and you inhale the vapors. This gives you a throat hit just like the cigarette but you avoid the tar and cyanide and other harmful ingredients that cause all the problems. You still get the nicotine, which satisfies the cravings so you are OK for the moment. You can gradually cut down on the nicotine to the extent that you no longer need the e-cigarette. You can, however keep using it, if you enjoy cigarettes, and avoid all the side effects of smoking.

The liquid in the e-cigarette comes in two types. One is the VG and one is the PG.

The Vg is made up of vegetable glycerin, which is derived from vegetables. It is more syrupy. Vg produces more vapor. The juice is not as sweet as the GP. This liquid is thick and needs to be diluted. It can get very thick when it is cold. In addition, it is less allergenic. It seems to have a better throat hit.

PG is propylene Glycol. This compound is used in food flavorings and is used in fog machines at parties to produce the smoke. It produces fewer vapors. It can trigger allergies. It has a sweeter juice and the liquid is thinner and does not need to be diluted.

Some e-smokers mix the liquids to produce a much more even blend and it easier to smoke. Some retailers sell their juice at a 80-20 mix. This seems to work very well.

If you need to quit smoking, using an e-cigarette is one of the most effective ways of doing that. You get all the benefits of smoking a real cigarette without the tar and other deadly ingredients found in cigarettes. The e-cigarette has liquid nicotine that is combined with either vegetable oil or Propylene glycol that is vaporized to form the vapor you inhale. The VP is less sweet than the GP and is less allergenic.

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