What are Batteries, Mods, Cartomizers and Atomizers?

If you are old enough, you remember the days when it was cool to smoke. All the movie star were doing it. The commercials implied you could get all the sexy women if you smoked. Some advertisers even trotted out some doctors that said there was nothing wrong with the habit. Since those days, a different picture has developed. A whole laundry list of problems are now associated with smoking. They include lung cancer, heart problems, and lung related diseases. Now, more than ever, people are encouraged to stop smoking. When one decides to quit, you find that it is not easy to do. A great industry has grown up around the need to stop smoking. They range everywhere from hypnosis, pills, patches, to special classes which teach the no-smoking lifestyle. One company even has a small device that clips on your ear and puts pressure on a acupuncture point. One unique industry that seems to work very well is the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are configured in two ways. The first way is a three-part unit that consists of a battery, and atomizer, and a cartridge. The second consists of a battery and a customizer.

The first is classified as an atomizer unit. It is a three-part cigarette that has a battery, and two other elements.

The first element is the atomizer. This part vaporizes the “e-liquid” in the cartridge so that can inhale it. When this liquid is heated, it produces a vapor that acts just like a hit on a cigarette. I has a sensation that is just like a cigarette when it hits the throat. The smoker thinks he is smoking a real cigarette.

You can use the atomizer repeatedly for about a month before they must be replaced. That would include some heavy smoking. If you use it less, of course the cartridge will last longer.

The next part of this type of e-cigarette is the cartridge. This part holds the e-liquid and is used with the atomizer. One end fits on the atomizer and the other is the mouth piece. These mouthpieces can look and feel like a regular cigarette or can be in the shape of the tip of a cigar.

You can purchase a cartridge empty, or filled with e-liquid. You can fill the empty cartridge repeatedly.

Some experienced e-smokers prefer to use the unit without the cartridge. The drip tip drips the liquid onto the vaporizer without a cartridge.

The next part is the battery. The atomizer screws onto the batter and performs as one unit. This provides the power for the operation. This combination pushed into the cartridge.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular. They give the smoker the sensation that they re smoking a cigarette while avoiding all the dangerous parts of smoking, thus avoiding the risk. These cigarettes are configured simply. They are only a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. With this combination, you get a vapor that hits your throat just like a cigarette would and you think you are smoking a cigarette.

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