Is Vaping and E-cigs Safer Than Cigarettes?

If you are a smoker, and thinking of making the switch to e-cigarettes or vaping, then you are probably wondering if it really is better for you? Well, read on!

You can’t be blamed for being hesitant; e-cigarettes are fairly new when all is said and done. They have been commercially available since about 2004, in a variety of very simple formats, many of which you can still purchase, but they have also changed a lot since then. Those early e-cigs are similar to the disposable cigarillos you can still buy in petrol stations and convenience stores. They were very basic, preloaded in most cases with tobacco flavors, resembling a traditional analog cigarette complete with the glowing red tip.

Now, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are much more user-friendly and interactive. Consumers can choose different batteries, atomizers, clearomizers, tanks, and e-juices.

So, are e-cigs and vaporizers better for you?

There is no evidence or study available yet to determine any long-term effects from vaping, but there has been plenty of short-term studies done. There is a great report available which was undertaken by Public Health England, which contains many interesting findings. One of the biggest is that they found vaping was 95% safer than traditional cigarettes, and 45% of the population is unaware of it.

Unfortunately, the world of vaping has been plagued with misinformation and reports which have been skewed to fit certain agendas. We aren’t going to say what you should do, but what we will say is read the reports, make your own mind up based on opinions. Read the comments that other vapers leave, and make your mind up for yourself, quitting smoking and smoking are big businesses, many people involved don’t really want any more competition.

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