Are You Chasing Bigger Clouds When You Vape?

If you have been vaping for a little while, and you started off with a basic eGo style pen vaporizer, then you might be ready to upgrade to something a little more substantial. Those beginner kits are fantastic, don’t get us wrong. If you are still smoking traditional analog cigarettes and looking to make the switch to something more affordable and better for you, then there are some very affordable beginners kits to choose from.

Once you have been vaping for a while, however, you may be looking for something a little more powerful, or capable of throwing out some of those big fluffy clouds you see other people puffing out.

Those mods can be quite scary for people who haven’t used them before, but they are coming along very quickly. Once upon a time, you would have had to build your own, or have a decent knowledge of electronics to understand how to use one, but now, they come with built-in safety chips, ready to use straight out of the box. You can charge them with a USB cable, and many even contain a pass-through system which allows you to vape while your mod is charging.

Why are they different from the simple pen style vaporizers or e-cigs? They are much more powerful! This allows you to use those cool glass and stainless steel tanks you see, and even sub-ohm tanks and coils for more advanced vapers. So what do you get out of a more powerful build, and a better tank? Bigger clouds! And along with those big fluffy clouds of vapor, you also get a much better flavor. Long gone are those dry, lung burning hits with very little flavor, it’s now time to say hello to fluffy clouds full of delicious flavors!

Happy Vaping!

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